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Naming and shaming Zimbabwe’s alleged top crooks

Posted by CM on December 19, 2007

The Zimbabwe Today blog has an interesting story titled “Zim Mafia.”


Most of us here in Zimbabwe live in, or on the verge of, bitter poverty. But there are … those who don’t struggle … who glide over our potholes in Mercedes comfort, who live in elegant homes tended by armies of servants, who feed themselves from well-stocked freezers, and who comfort themselves in times of stress by reciting the numbers of their Swiss bank accounts.

… the Zim Mafia… are members of a special clique – all of them politicians and officials from our ruling Zanu-PF party – who take advantage of their positions of power to rake in millions of US dollars.

The article then proceeds with a ” far-from-comprehensive run-down on the graft, corruption, double-dealing and sheer theft that is the mark of our rulers…”

A lot of the personalities named have featured prominently in allegations of all sorts of business deals that are said to be shady. The majority of Zimbabweans, disillusioned and depressed about affairs in their country, will have no trouble believing the allegations made. Beyond that it is very difficult to tell the veracity or otherwise of the allegations, though they make for salacious reading.

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