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Very strange Zimbabwe-Venezuela coincidence in the blogosphere

Posted by CM on September 9, 2007

On August 30 I wrote “The lessons of Zimbabwe for Venezuela.” In that article I gave examples of the many parallels between where Venezuela under Hugo Chavez is likely to be headed, versus where Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe has found itself.

Well, strange things happen in the fascinating, democratic world of the blogosphere.

Today I stumbled across a blog post dated September 9 and rather derivatively titled, “Wondering how Venezuela will look like in a (sic) near future? Just take look (sic) at Zimbabwe by one Peter Von Saints.

You guessed it: different words, different examples here and there culled from Wikipedia and a much longer post, but basically using the same sort of comparative analogy to make the same points. But despite the rather oddly striking similarity, there is no reference to my earlier post, so one must presume that this is just a very strange coincidence!

The funny things one comes across in the wild, wonderful, untamed blogosphere!


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