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About the adultery allegations against Pius Ncube

Posted by CM on July 19, 2007

Even if true, the way Mugabe and the government media have crowed about them and splashed salacious images makes them seem amazingly cheap.

Even if true, there seems little doubt that Ncube was set-up in a way the many known adulterers that are part of the Mugabe system would never have and have not been.

Trying to discredit Ncube on the basis of adultery seems bizarre given Mugabe’s own history in this regard.

For Mugabe to crow about the allegations against Ncube at a state funeral, and one in which he calls attention to his own Catholicism without any sense of irony or sacrilege, is an indication of just how much he has lost his own moral compass.

If the allegations are even half-way true, it shows an amazing carelessness on the part of Ncube, who for years has said he was being trailed. Given the increased recent pitch and frequency of his criticism of the Mugabe regime and his knowledge of what it is capable of of, he should at least have been a lot more discrete!

The published pictures claiming to be of Ncube and his paramour(s) are striking in one respect : the joylessness of the claimed encounters. The pictures are of poor quality but clear enough to show that there is no hint of pleasure, excitement or even affection between the two people depicted. To me the pictures and the couple in them seem more sad and miserable, individually and together, than anything else.

Ncube’s ambiguous answers to whether he has indeed been screwing around will do him more damage than a definitive “no,” or even a definitive “yes” with genuine expressions of regret (assuming he was regretful!) Hiding behind “I can’t say because I might be in contempt of court” is disingenuous, the kind of answer one would expect from a slippery politician, not a contrite archbishop.

The woman’s suggestion that she was forced by economic circumstances to be Ncube’s bed-mate is a sad commentary on many levels.

Regardless of Ncube’s “sins,” his criticisms of the Mugabe regime are as valid now as they were before this alleged scandal came to light.


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