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What happened to the irrigated wheat for which electricity was reserved?

Posted by CM on June 21, 2007

Every year now for several years, around this time of year we have become accustomed to hearing an announcement of how much wheat Zimbabwe will have to import for baking bread, as the situation of the country no longer being able to grow enough of the cereal for its own consumption becomes “normal.”

This year is no exception, as the Herald tells us :

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has provided US$25 million to import 60,00 tonnes of wheat to improve bread supplies. he wheat, which is being imported from Argentina, started arriving in imbabwe early this week and will be distributed through Grain Marketing oard depots countrywide.

The imports would ensure uninterrupted wheat supply for the next three months. GMB had run out of stock, forcing bakers to import flour during the past two weeks.


I seem to recall that not too many months ago there were official predictions that the wheat harvest looked promising! And wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that long power cuts were explained on the basis of electricity being “prioritised” for irrigation of the wheat crop?

It seems strange that the Herald should “forget” to provide this sort of context in its report on the need to import such large quantities of wheat. The paper may have given up any pretense of real journalism years ago, but now it is even failing in its propaganda function!

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