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What I learned in Zimbabwe

Posted by CM on April 2, 2007

Despite the volumes that are written about Zimbabwe all over the world every day, there is surprisingly little that is new. Everybody seems in a mad frenzy to repeat what everybody else has already said, and what passes for analysis is often speculative, wishful thinking.

I find that as a trawl through the mountains of daily Zimbabwe news to just keep up with what is happening at home, some of the most interesting articles I read are the impressions of ordinary, non-journalist visitors there. The following, by a briefly visiting South African, is not particularly deep or analytical, but it has a refreshing, humane honesty and poignancy.

He marvels at the juxtaposition of extreme poverty and opulence in Victoria Falls. He writes about how surreal it was to enjoy an excellent safari experience while knowing that in other parts the country was crumbling. He wonders which is “the real Zimbabwe.” He does not wrap up his article with a summary lesson as his title “what I learned in Zimbabwe” promises, but it is a good read about the bizarre co-existence of the normal and the abnormal in Zimbabwe.


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