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Mutambara’s business attire

Posted by CM on April 2, 2007

If image counts for as much in politics as we are told it does, then one wonders what image MDC faction leader Arthur Mutambara is trying to cultivate with his business attire.

He is often pictured addressing a group of people whose dress speaks volumes about the hardships that ordinary people are going, dressed in a dark business suit and tie. Ditto for a recent news conference at which he shared the stage with NCA leader Lovemore Madhuku and a leader of the other MDC faction, Tendai Biti. His counterparts were dressed in what I thought were appropriate-for-the occassion casual clothes, while Mutambara spouted off in his typically theatrical style in his business suit and tie.

One does not want to make too much of what may be something quite insignificant in the overall scheme of things. But if there are any number of people who like like me have taken note of what hardly seems like “struggle attire,” then perhaps Mutambara may need to pay more attention to his non-verbal communication.

Chido Makunike


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