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Zimbabwe embassy in DRCongo looted?

Posted by CM on March 23, 2007

Reading an Associated Press account of the fighting in Kinshasa between government soldiers and militias said to be loyal to the loser of the DRC’s recent historic elections, Jean-Pierre Bemba, I was startled to come across a line that said the Zimbabwean embassy there had been looted in the turmoil.

If so, what a sad metaphor for the state of Zimbabwe today, as well as its involvement in in the DRC several years ago to try to prop Laurent Kabila, the since assasinated father of that country’s now elected president. Mugabe has always defended that military adventure, at a time Zimbabwe’s own troubles was mushrooming, as an act of African solidarity and principle.

Yet since then, not only has Zimbabwe not “benefitted” from a military exercise it could ill afford and that was neither understood nor supported at home : it appears the Congolese have no particular love for Zimbabwe.


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