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The false dawn that awaits Zimbabwe

Posted by CM on March 23, 2007

Writing in Britain’s The Spectator, Rod Liddle says even if Robert Mugabe exists the political stage in the next few months, that is little reason to be optimistic about Zimbabwe’s post-Mugabe future.

“The general rule for African countries is that when some obscene, homicidal and incompetent tyrant is at last somehow overthrown, the civilised world breathes a sigh of relief and the new regime is, for a while, garlanded in roses. And then, after a bit, everybody begins to realise that the new boss is just as bad, if not actually many times worse, than the old boss,” writes Liddle.

He then goes on to give a litany of examples of African countries where hope for real change with new leadership was betrayed. Says Liddle,”I know one or two Zimbabwean dissidents who view Mr. Tsvangirai with the same level of contempt and mistrust with which they view big Bob himself.”

I find myself unfortunately unable to refute Liddle’s arguments.

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